The Witnesses Are Gone, Joel Lane

  • Endlich ist diese lange vergriffene Novelle von einem der ganz Großen wieder erhältlich.

    Zum Inhalt:

    Moving into an old and decaying house, Martin Swann discovers a box of video cassettes in the garden shed. One of them is a bootleg copy of a morbid and disturbing film by obscure French director, Jean Rien.

    The discovery leads Martin on a search for the director’s other films, and for a way to understand Rien’s filmography, drawing him away from his home and his lover into a shadowy realm of secrets, rituals and creeping decay. An encounter with a crazed film journalist in Gravesend leads to drug-fuelled visions in Paris – and finally to the Mexican desert where a grim revelation awaits.

    The Witnesses Are Gone is a first-hand account of a journey into the darkest parts of the underworld – a look behind the screen on which our collective nightmares play.

    Zum Buch:

    Paperback ISBN: 9781910312971

    Ebook ISBN: 9781910312988

    Publication date: January 2023

    Formats: Paperback / eBook

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